English Cafe menu

Baked cheese cake & iced coffee
Chocolate brownies & Cafe au lait
Croque-monsieur & Cappuccino


 Espresso, with milk, soy milk, azuki
 Cafe Americano
 Cappuccino milk, soy milk
 Cafe Marocchino
 Baileys Latte
 Brown rice coffee (Non-caffeine)

 Cafe Shekelato
 KICHIMU Special iced coffee
 Cafe au lait
 Cafe au soy milk
 Cafe au lait with azuki
 Iced Baileys Latte

 Earl Grey
 Ginger tea
 Milk tea
 Iced tea
 Mint tea
 Herb tea (Lemon and ginger)
 Chamomile tea
 Cocoa milk, soy milk

 Mango & orange soda
 Lemon soda
 Ginger soda
 Lemon sorbet & tonic 
 Orange juice
 Apple juice

 Banana milk
 Banana prune milk
 Banana chocolate milk
 Banana coffee milk
 Mango & orange milk
 Mango & banana & orange milk
 Berry milk

 Bottled beer
 Red wine
 White wine
 Whisky and soda


 Taco meat
 Honey mustard chicken
 Grilled pork with ginger
 Oil sardine


 Baked cheese cake
 Chocolate brownies
 Crema Catalana

◎Take out available
◎Please place an order and pay in advance.
◎Payment methods are cash / PayPay / LINE Pay
◎No smoking
◎Please refrain from using it for a long time

Sandwich Taco meat
Sandwich Honey mustard chicken
Crema Catalana